About Wellevue

Wellevue was founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Daun and his team with a goal of using social technology to help companies become greater workplaces and to make people have a greater time at work. Combining the experience from leading culturally strong start-ups to helping larger organizations become more innovative and agile, with the experience from internet and gaming, the team set out find ways of influencing behavior of individuals in organizations. Using the most popular consumer apps as reference and evading the failed approaches of many other apps for behavioral change, the team came up with a new approach that mirrors with recent research in sociology and behavior in networks.

Wellevue’s mission is “Making people have a greater time at work” and is passionate about developing scalable technologies to help this happen for millions of people. We are exploring what organizational processes can be disrupted in order to make our customer companies and organizations reach their objectives more efficiently. Wellevue has offices in Luxembourg and Brussels, plus a global development team. We are on a crazy journey of exploring together with our customers and partners what our concept can become. If you think you could be amazing in our team, drop us a mail at jobs@wellevue.com and let us know how

Our Partners

Wellevue is a great implementation tool to make things happen in an organization and to increase engagement. This makes it a great instrument for consultancies who work with culture, employee engagement or internal communication. Wellevue works with selected partners who share a passion for the impact that engagement and culture have on individuals and businesses. Our partners can support our customers to make the Wellevue platform work in a bigger context. This could be when organisations need to be analysed, goals or values need to be defined, or when many initiatives need to work together. Or simply when a customer would need an external partner to help them in the process.

Are you keen to know more how you could become our partner, and the commercial setups we offer, please contact us at partners@wellevue.com.


Our Offices

Wellevue S.a.r.l

Rue de Neudorf 681
L-2220 Luxemborg


Avenue Brugmann 41
1060 Brussels
+32 479 978500