An app for shaping company culture?


We often get the question how we came up with the idea for our Wellevue app. The simple answer is that we wanted to find a new way of making more people have a greater time at work. This was – and still is – our mission. Also, we saw this as a clear need in many organizations. An app would provide a scalable and fun way of achieving this.

Essentially, we wanted to address how companies and organizations could be better at walking the talk. People feel more engaged when a company is successful at doing what it says it should do. And people feel disengaged when it fails to do so.

Employment Engagement App



Starting out, we found that many apps which had been trying to change or strengthen behaviours – especially for health and wellness – had shown questionable results. Setting goals and receiving customized reminders didn’t seem to do it. At the same time social apps and games were having a major impact on our lives. So we decided to take the best of social media and game mechanics and combine it with recent findings in sociology.

Over the years, company culture has become one of the most important management priorities. CEOs and HR leaders now recognize that culture drives people’s behaviour, innovation and customer service: 82% believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage. Yet, only 12% believe their organizations are excellent at effectively driving the desired culture. This gap is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Introducing a novel app that directly matches companies’ needs should be straight forward, but it hasn’t been so for one main reason: Most managers today think of known methods, rather than to think that an app may better serve their needs. Admittedly, we are still in the process of educating the market about the benefits of an app instead of solely relying on traditional cascading methods.

Testimonials which claim that the app works encourage us. We take great joy from hearing stories like the company that went through a period of resizing and said they could not have coped as well as they did without using Wellevue. And from users claiming they really like the app. In due time we should also be able to prove the impact our app has on KPIs x, y and z.

We have come a long way from our first idea. But our mission is the same. We believe that making people having a greater time at work is not only desirable for both the individual and for the bottom-line results, it is close to a necessity. With an app this can be done in a rapid and agile way, and scaling it to thousands and even tens of thousands of employees becomes a reality. There is still plenty to be done, but next time you think of shaping your company culture, you may just think of an app to do it for you.

Contact info: Michael Daun, CEO,, +32 479 978500

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