The year of company culture – 2017

Looking back at the year of 2017, it was quite an interesting year for company culture. Here are our observations of what defined it: 1. Another scandal made culture a board issue 2017 was another year where a corporate scandal … Read More

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Culture eats CEO for breakfast

Who has to take the blame when a company is deemed to have the wrong workplace culture? Is it the individual managers who are not behaving correctly? Is it your Chief HR Officer? Will your board feel that it is … Read More

Wellevue macht mit “Mini-Missions“ Unternehmen innovativer

(In German) Der in Belgien lebende Schwede Michael Daun machte auf der „Stockholm School of Economics“ seinen MBA und begann früh, mit und im Internet zu arbeiten. Als er im Alter von 24 Jahren sein erstes Unternehmen im Internetsektor gründete, … Read More

How do you shape and drive culture?

Deloitte’s Human Capital Trend Survey 2016 shows that an overwhelming 87 percent believe the culture and engagement is “important,” with 50 percent citing the problem as “very important”. Yet, only 12 percent believe their organizations are excellent at effectively driving … Read More

Culture is key for Operational Excellence

We are just back from PEX, the Performance Excellence conference in Amsterdam. It gathers professionals from the fields of Operational Excellence, CI, Digital transformation, RPA and more. In a world of processes, structures and systems, a recurring theme in almost all sessions … Read More

McKinsey: Changing change management

McKinsey: Changing change management It is a year old but this article from McKinsey is still worth a read. “Change management as it is traditionally applied is outdated. We know, for example, that 70 percent of change programs fail to … Read More

App for Shaping Company Culture

An app for shaping company culture?   We often get the question how we came up with the idea for our Wellevue app. The simple answer is that we wanted to find a new way of making more people have … Read More

Wellevue releases new features for better control over company culture implementation

Press release: 14 March 2016   Wellevue releases new features for better control over company culture implementation Wellevue, the app that shapes company culture and engages employees, has released a major upgrade of its administration tool. It now allows their … Read More