“When strategy and culture clashes, culture always wins.”

Wellevue is an innovative app that shapes culture and engages employees. It uses action-oriented mini-missions and social contagion to turn desired behaviors into action and boost the culture your organization need to succeed.

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Wellevue is a fun and scalable tool that helps you to

A new tool for corporate events and kick-offs

Wellevue is an app that can transform corporate events and kick-offs from passive one-way communication to action-oriented, hands-on, participant driven happenings. Participants or visitors can be activated days or weeks before the event, and get prepped our excited for the event. Networking and ice-breaking can start way before. It can also be could used to prolong the event and turn insights to action.

Images from the participants can be streamed in real-time to projectors, or reused in other channels during or after the event. Leaderboards allow for competitions, and winners can be celebrated at the end of an event. It’s very easy to customize and set-up, aligning it completely to the objectives of the event or the longer goal.

Whether you are looking for something to put more energy and creativity in your next event, or you want to create the event that the whole industry will talk about, Wellevue is the solution for you.

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Turning corporate events and kick-offs into action-oriented quests

Corporate events and kick-offs are important investments for companies both in time and in budget. Whether they carry a strong strategic agenda, manifest the launch a new program, or are meant as a networking or celebration event, they all need to engage the participants in order to maximize the take-aways. Combining a clear message with high engagement, is a simple recipe for success for a corporate event or a kick-off.

Most often corporate events and kick-offs are not stand-alone events but a part of longer campaigns which attempt to communicate a change of strategy, processes or culture. An event that can hook into other activities and even include more than those who participate can generate better and more sustainable impact on the business.

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As an engagement tool it was very successful. People were competing with employees they had never met across the Business Unit.
Jack B Project admin
Fun, engaging and challenging. A new way to see colleagues.
Håkan W Board member
This app is really fun!
Karin H Back office

Request a demo to see how you could shape your culture.

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We would be happy to hear from you and learn about your needs. As Wellevue has changed name to Cultr, please contact us on our new website cultr.works.

Easy to get to action

The Wellevue platform is very easy to roll-out in an organization or a team, either as a limited proof-of-concept or as a full-scale roll-out. It can be a stand-alone project, or linked to your existing activities or programs. It’s a tool that allows you to experiment, analyze and adopt.

Wellevue is ready for you to use right away, or customize to your objective within a few days. The system takes care of the invitation process, and the analytics allows you to immediately follow the activity of users. The admin role can be assumed by HR, communications or why not by a team of high potentials.

We would be happy to tell you more. Tell us shortly about what you wish to achieve and we will get you back to set up a demo to show you how it works and how other companies have used it.

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