MD at operational excellence
Wellevue at PEX

We are just back from PEX, the Performance Excellence conference in Amsterdam. It gathers professionals from the fields of Operational Excellence, CI, Digital transformation, RPA and more. In a world of processes, structures and systems, a recurring theme in almost all sessions was culture and engagement. It was described in a simple way: Without respect for people, Lean is only Fake Lean.

The delegates shared experiences and discussed ambitions of driving desired behaviours. Either to support the change process or being the actual end result. Issues involved how to curate cultures of innovation, cultures of trust, ways to address millennials, or how to involve management.

Wellevue came to PEX as an outsider, providing an app and platform that solely focuses on shaping culture and making things happen. We were happy to see that our unique idea of using mini-missions and social storytelling gained lots of interest. And confirming that shaping culture is not only a mission for HR, but is seen as a crucial component of any change ambition.

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