• Improve Culture & Engage Employees

    with social contagion and gamification

How it works

Wellevue is an award-winning app that stimulates individuals and organizations to achieved desired behavior based on the “fundamental assumption is that learning from examples of other people’s behavior is a major and likely dominant mechanism of behavior change in humans.” Using mini-missions and images, it nudges people to actions. The app is geniusly simple, built around the concept of Do, Snap, Post. Missions are selected for the user in different games and challenges. The user does a mission by taking a picture of it. The flow of mission posts on the “moodboard” influences the culture by showing the desired way of doing things. Fun and curiosity are the major motivations of the app, together with points and leaderboards. Content is matched to an organization’s objectives and can change over time or be targeted to specific groups.

Social tool for employee engagement


Wellevue is a powerful solution that allows you to create a greater workplace.
You can

Immediate action on culture and engagement

No big plan needed. No set-up fee. You will see immediate action in your organisation

Target campaigns over time

Focus on different objectives over time. Set up challenges for specific teams.

Top down and bottom up

Wellevue is orchestrated by the admin group but driven by employees

Customize to your goals

Your logo. Your colours. Content that matches your goals.

Measure activities and engagement of users

See how all challenges, missions and users perform

Simple fun mobile app

For everyone everywhere. Office, retail, factory, remote. Built to be fun to use.

Employee engagement games

Engaging Moodboard

Shows day to day action of desired behaviour in an engaging and social way. Great for your employer branding

Employee engagement activities

Game formats for every goal

Single player, two player and more to get highest engagement for different contexts and goals.

Employee engagement gamification

Admin and Analytics

Plan and manage your content and analyze the engagement of users.

Employee engagement admin panel and analytics

Enterprise ready

Designed for enterprise use. Encrypted and running on AWS EU cloud. Social misuse, time waste and other management concerns are mitigated by design

employee engagement for enterprises


Wellevue works is designed for organizations or teams from twenty-five people up to thousands. It can be used for many different situations…

Boost engagment

New smart pools and survey tools give you reason to also get to action in becoming better

Implement new strategy

You want to see your new strategy in action, and want more than cascading workshops

Experiment with internal communications

The new way of work requires you to find new methods – mobile and digital – to be agile and engaging

Make core values come alive

Your values are not a paper product. You want your organization to walk the talk.

Ace conferences and events

You must maximize the value of your next event. What happens before, during and after will make the difference

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We would be happy to hear from you and learn about your needs. As Wellevue has changed name to Cultr, please contact us on our new website cultr.works.


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