“When strategy and culture clashes, culture always wins.”

Wellevue is an innovative app that shapes culture and engages employees. It uses action-oriented mini-missions and social contagion to turn desired behaviors into action and boost the culture your organization need to succeed.

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Wellevue is a fun and scalable tool that helps you to

A new tool for implementing strategy

In today’s fast changing business environments, execution becomes even more important. While there are more analytics tools then ever to measure all aspects of business, the real value is created in the execution of strategy, brand and culture. Planning and measuring are important, but it is how a company walks the talk that sets it a part from competition.

Wellevue is a new innovative platform that helps turn strategies into action. By using social and gaming mechanics, it’s driving change in a fun, energized and socially contagious way. The app engages employees at all levels in an organization, and drives action and behavior, not just the understanding of strategy.

Wellevue’s disruptive approach to implementing strategy and engaging employees makes it easy to implement and scale in ways not possible before. It’s mobile and allows you to reach out to all people in your organization, whatever position they are in, or wherever they are geographically. It allows you you to take immediate action on making your strategy come alive and instantly see a more engaged organization. It may feel unfamiliar to use an app instead of traditional roll-out through layers of management, but the Wellevue platform is providing companies with a much faster and sustainable way to execute a new strategy.

If you are serious about closing the strategy gap, Wellevue is the solution for you.

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Closing the strategy implementation gap

A survey by Harvard Business Review of more than 400 global CEOs revealed that the ability to execute strategy was their number one challenge, ahead of innovation, geopolitical instability, and top-line growth. McKinsey claims at least two-thirds of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies.

But new digital tools can change this. Another McKinsey report claims that “70 percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support. While companies have been obsessing about how to use digital to improve their customer-facing businesses, the application of digital tools to promote and accelerate internal change has received far less scrutiny. However, applying new digital tools can make change more meaningful—and durable—both for the individuals who are experiencing it and for those who are implementing it.”

Something needs to be done. PwC claims that 78% of Global CEOs surveyed expect to transform their organizations yet only 54% of organizations are satisfied with their ability to execute on their strategic vision. “With the rapid change of technology and competitive pressures, organizations are forced to execute their strategies as quickly as possible. By doing this, they often mistakenly embed poor practices and misalignment within the organization which can result in operational inefficiencies and extended time to market.”

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As an engagement tool it was very successful. People were competing with employees they had never met across the Business Unit.
Jack B Project admin
Fun, engaging and challenging. A new way to see colleagues.
Håkan W Board member
This app is really fun!
Karin H Back office

Request a demo to see how you could shape your culture.

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We would be happy to hear from you and learn about your needs. As Wellevue has changed name to Cultr, please contact us on our new website cultr.works.

Easy to get to action

The Wellevue platform is very easy to roll-out in an organization or a team, either as a limited proof-of-concept or as a full-scale roll-out. It can be a stand-alone project, or linked to your existing activities or programs. It’s a tool that allows you to experiment, analyze and adopt.

Wellevue is ready for you to use right away, or customize to your objective within a few days. The system takes care of the invitation process, and the analytics allows you to immediately follow the activity of users. The admin role can be assumed by HR, communications or why not by a team of high potentials.

We would be happy to tell you more. Tell us shortly about what you wish to achieve and we will get you back to set up a demo to show you how it works and how other companies have used it.

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