Press release: 14 March 2016


Wellevue releases new features for better control over company culture implementation

Wellevue, the app that shapes company culture and engages employees, has released a major upgrade of its administration tool. It now allows their customers to create, prepare and manage their content in the app over periods of months. Companies can schedule their customized missions, quizzes and game plays, as well as target selected campaigns to different groups or parts of the organization.

“Our new admin is a direct result of how we have seen our customers use our solution; planning different objectives or themes over time and aligning them with other events or campaigns in their organization” explains Michael Daun, founder of Wellevue.

The Wellevue app helps companies achieve desired behaviors in their organization, whether it is related to making core values come alive, implementing new goals, or just having more fun. It does this in a gamified and social way, by making users do mini-missions, take photos and share with colleagues on the app. The upgraded admin introduces new features such as a content scheduler, which is a calendar-style planning tool that gives a graphical overview of the content in the account. Multi-language support is also enhanced, allowing multinational companies to use multiple languages in the app. The analytics has been improved with a new dashboard which allows a company to monitor the engagement in the app, as well as the performance of missions and challenges. Finally, the content management tools have been made more intuitive, enabling companies to take control of their system without time-consuming training.

The new administration tool will be on show at the HR Tech World in London March 15-16.

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Wellevue is an enterprise app that shapes company culture and engages employees. Wellevue provides a customizable, day-to-day and fun way to effectively turn values, objectives or processes into everyday actions and behaviors. Wellevue won a disruptHR Start-up award in HR Tech Congress in Paris in October 2015.

Contact info: Michael Daun, CEO,, +32 479 978500

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