How do you shape
and drive culture ?


How do you shape and drive culture?

Date & Time
Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017   17.00 CET

Deloitte’s Human Capital Trend Survey 2016 shows that an overwhelming 87 percent believe the culture and engagement is “important,” with 50 percent citing the problem as “very important”. Yet, only 12 percent believe their organizations are excellent at effectively driving the desired culture.

The desired culture can be a company culture defined by core values, either as the actual values in an organization or the values that an organization aspire to and believe should guide their decisions. But often, the desired culture is more defined by specific needs. It could be a realization that we need a culture of innovation, a culture of customer focus, a culture of feedback or other desired behaviors.

Whatever culture or behaviors are desired, companies are looking for solution how to shape and drive that culture. Traditionally, companies have relying on cascading and train the trainer techniques, to ensure both understanding and engagement as the message was rolled out in the organization. But new faster implementation platforms are now available, creating new behavior in a more current, social and contagious way. Companies can now see results in weeks, even if they are geographically spread out, or have complex and changing organizations.

Join Wellevue’s CEO Michael Daun for a presentation on how culture can be shaped using a bottoms up approach based on social contagion.


In this webinar you will learn:
  • How culture is an important part of success in different parts of an organization
  • What influences culture
  • How culture can be shaped bottom up rather than top down
  • How Wellevue’s app can shape culture in weeks
  • Common mistakes in shaping culture
  • The webinar will include a 30 min presentation, follow by a 15 min discussion.


The webinar will include a 30 min presentation, follow by a 15 min discussion.

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Michael Daun

Founder and CEO

Michael Daun is the founder and CEO of Wellevue, the app that shapes company culture and engages employees. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience from leadership and culture and on a mission to make more people have a greater time at work.

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